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Humanized Palace Pets by HatterM97
Humanized Palace Pets
Hi guys sorry I took so long updated new art. I had artist's block I guess.
Anyway here are the Disney princess's pets humanized. Some of you may not like them but I do. And if you're going to write a bad comment then don't ! 'Cause I worked on this all of yesterday and today so no flames please.

Anyways from left to right
Blondie (Rapunzel's horse)
Berry (Snow White's rabbit)
Blossom (Mulan's panda)
Bibbidy (Cinderella's horse)
Treasure (Ariel's cat)
Sultan (Jasmine's second tiger)
Beauty (Aurora's cat)
Teacup (Belle's dog)

all Pets belong to Disney
Glinda the Good and the Blue Fairy(Supperior Bubble, Good Fairy, Blue Bubble)
Huntsman and Ruby/Red (Wolf Hunter, Red Huntsman)
Huntsman and Jefferson (Mad Hunter)
Emma and Zelena (Wicked Swan, Swan Witch)
Emma and the Wizard of Oz (Emerald Swan, Swan of Oz)
Alice and Snow White ( Snow in Wonderland, White Wonderland )
Alice and Dorothy (Dorice, Dalice)
Alice and Aurora (Sleeping in Wonderland)
Alice and Ariel (Wonderland Mermaid, Arice)
Alice and Emma(Alicemma, Swan Wonderland)
Alice And Mulan (Wonderland Warrior, Ninja Wonderland)
Alice and Wendy(Darling Alice, Liddell Darling)
Alice and Peter Pan(Palice)
Alice and Charming (Wonderland Charm, Charming Wonderland)
Henry and Dorothy(Henorothy, Gale Mills)
Dorothy and Aurora (Kansas Dream)
Dorothy and Emma (Swan of Kansas, Gale Swan)
Dorothy and Wendy ( Darling Gale)
TinkerBell and The Blue Fairy (Blue Bell)
TinkerBell and Silvermist (Silver Bells)
Regina and The Wizard of Oz(Queen of Oz, Emerald Queen)
Cora and The Wizard of Oz (Wizard of Hearts, Emerald Hearts)

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